How To Foam Roll

Foam Roll Like a Pro

Using a foam roller seems like it should be easy, but truth is most people don't do it correctly.

The foam roller is an excellent way to get a massage when you can't afford, don't have time, or don't have access to a massage therapist.  By using a foam roller, you can loosen up the fascia that surrounds muscles and can alleviate trigger points in the muscle itself.  By loosening up the muscle and surrounding tissue, you will also encourage an increase of blood flow to the area. 

By using the foam roller, the muscle will be able to move more freely, increase range of motion, and make movements easier.  Most of the research is anecdotal and theoretical, but it seems to be a big benefit to anyone who uses it.

  • The first key to foam rolling correctly is to stay relaxed.  Staying relaxed allows the foam roller to work deeper into the muscle and be more effective.  If the muscle is contracted and tense, it will not work as well.  
  • Most people try to get done as soon as possible and lose a lot of the effectiveness of the foam roller.  Go SLOW!  By going slow you can let the foam roller do its job and massage the muscle. 
  • If you find a spot that is really tender, stop on it and just relax.  The foam roller will be able to work on that one spot and alleviate the trigger point.

For more information on how to foam roll specific areas of your body (like quads, IT band, pecs, etc.), please click on the following link: